a retreat into the depths of -

even the most terrible, ferocious, and ruthless tyrant desperately fears one thing for he is entirely powerless against it, and that is a strong will

#reflection #tyranny #fear #will

there are many moral stands and sacrifices I think I would make because I ought to, and I ridicule others for not acting in accordance with my morally superior thought process;

yet how foolish I am in doing so for I ignore that they – just like me – are imperfect human beings nearly powerless against the ferocious, deeply ingrained sway of human emotion, and the unrelenting impulse for self preservation.

therefore, make it a point to not judge others for the way they live, or the choices that they make. even better: do not judge at all, focus on your purpose, and hope that if you should find yourself in their feet, you have adequate strength and philosophical training to stand your ground and fight – and if you lose, to lose with your will intact and your head held high, which is another thing that is easier said than done, but at least let that be an ideal that you strive for

#conduct #reflection #morality #sacrifice #judgement #emotion #defeat

less thought, more action. let that be your guiding principle.

#action #thought

a certain kind of sad, romantic beauty accretes itself around those who live the duality of internal warfare and external grace; their lives are art that one may reflect upon

#reflection #art #warfare #beauty #life

your ego is your best friend and strongest defense against any and all hardship – as long as you know how to make correct use of it.

and to make correct use of your ego is to only apply it to the things that are under your control

#reflection #ego #hardship

violence is the supreme authority from which all other forms of authority are derived -

— and money, too, is nothing but a unit of violence

#reflection #violence #authority #money

when you are going fast, even a drizzle becomes a downpour


do not use sadness or failure as an excuse for vice

#conduct #sadness #failure #vice

the world, and it's unwilling bearers of pain

#reflection #pain

an artist must forever be free. the moment he self-censors or allows another to censor him is the moment he becomes not a artist but a businessman.

do not bow down to contracts nor accept the lustful allure of money unless in dire, dire need; rather maintain contact with your audience organically, unhindered by the claws of signed papers and agreements – the money is expected to flow in sooner or later -

and be firm with your conduct of creating and persevering in your art. that way you shall be above all

* * *

so then,

are you an artist or a businessman?

#reflection #art #money #work