a retreat into the depths of oneself

violence is the supreme authority from which all other forms of authority are derived -

— and money, too, is nothing but a unit of violence

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when you are going fast, even a drizzle becomes a downpour


do not use sadness or failure as an excuse for vice

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the world, and it's unwilling bearers of pain

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an artist must forever be free. the moment he self-censors or allows another to censor him is the moment he becomes not a artist but a businessman.

do not bow down to contracts nor accept the lustful allure of money unless in dire, dire need; rather maintain contact with your audience organically, unhindered by the claws of signed papers and agreements – the money is expected to flow in sooner or later -

and be firm with your conduct of creating and persevering in your art. that way you shall be above all

* * *

so then,

are you an artist or a businessman?

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the stoics had a god who ultimately formed the linchpin of Epictetus' argument. with our progress, we are at a point where we can no longer believe in the existence in god – what then will protect the sanctity of what the stoics purported in this godless world?

the answer is practicality, which out of modesty is a stand-in for happiness, beneath the cloak of which hides lasting social importance; thus ego and pride, and yes, thus pleasure too – but only that which is naturally available to our senses -

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when one has a rich mind, bad art is as deep and beautiful as good art, if not more so – for the former reveals the raw, unintended quirks and imperfections of the animal brain that created it, whereas the latter is infinitely scrutinized and sanitized and censored for consumption making it, sometimes, quite unlike what it pretends or aspires to be

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Be charitable to those with potential to do great things, who can then be charitable to more themselves.

And also be charitable to those who, due to some severe mental – not physical – defect, are unable to give back to this world.

Every other form of charity is unimaginably wasteful and akin to burning your money.

Blind charity is as bad as no charity, if not worse. Because who is your money going to? and are they ethical beings or wicked inside? you c

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evil people exist because evil people exist

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“i never promised you a rose garden”